Model Type
The Club Trainer will be the model used by all competitiors.


Flying Venue & Slot Time
The competition will take place at the Club field. The slot time will allocated by draw prior to the competition start, but not necessarily on the same day.


Object of Competition

The object of the competition is to complete a ten minute flight which will include the motor run. A time bonus will be awarded for landing accuracy. The winner will be the pilot who scores the highest time over 3 flights. The first round shall be decided by ballot and subsequent rounds in ascending order of flight time.


Flight Time
Flight time shall be recorded from the time of release from the hand to the time of landing.


Motor Run
A maximum of 30 seconds of motor run will be allowed at the start of each flight. A height limiter will ensure that the motor cuts when 200m is reached or when 30 seconds has passed. Nomal climb out of the Club Glider will reach 200 within the 30 seconds. In effect all glides will commence from the same height.


Completed Flights
In order to successfully complete a flight the model must land in such a manner that, allowing for a battery change, it must be immediately capable of flying after landing ie a crash will result in a null and void flight.


A pilots score will comprise of his flight time (max 10 minutes) plus his (or her) landing bonus. There will be no penalty for flying longer than 10 minutes.


The landing bonus shall be awarded in the following manner


< 1m
1 min
45 sec
30 sec
15 sec
5 sec
> 30m
0 sec


In the event of a tie the pilots involved shall have a fly off to the same rules.






2017 - Derek Robertson



Past Winners


2013 - Terry Shields

2012 - David Manning

2011 - Clinton Reid

2010 - George Whelan

2009 - Abbie Smith