A Year in the Life of an Aeromodeller (2017)

(D Robertson) Well, another year has bitten the dust, so just how well did you do on the flying stakes? Our man Terry Shields keeps a detailed log of all his aeronautical excursions, just for the fun of it he assures us. So, once again (just for the fun of it) here`s the bare bones of his 2017 exploits. Not bad you may say, but very lean pickings compared to the bumper year in 2010 when he managed 139 outings! Once again a poor year for slope soaring, but I would guess that age and enthusiasm have had a bearing on the above figures, like Terry, most of us preferring the comforts of Kerloch on a calm day.  Interestingly, our man travelled a staggering  3,000 miles to throw some assorted bits of balsa / depron into the air and decanted around 180 cups of tea from his thermos in the process ...... no wonder he has to “pee” so often! Have a look at your own stats and see if you can beat that!

2017 Stats

Cairn O' Mount 3
Brimmond 10
Suie Hill 1
Bay of Nigg 1
Flat Field
Kerloch 44
Lyne of Skene 4
Hazlehead 2
Balgownie 1
Indoor 11
Total 77

Tel's Stick Stirring Sorties of 2015

(D Robertson) For those of you new to ADS, our hardy periennial Terry Shields keeps a note of all his flying exploits and compiles a list of all the venues visited throughout the year ...... so here`s his stats for 2015. Slope soaring opportunities were well down on previous years, partly due to unfavourable winds .......... but age, fags and too many sherbet fountains means that the likes of Barmekin, Hill O Fare and the Knock are now a bridge too far for oor Tel. Weather over the “summer” was generally pretty poor, so a big chunk of the flat field activities took place during Sept & Oct, a couple of exceptionally good months. So 98 flying days out of a possible 365 ....... how did you guys do?

2015 Stats

Brimmond 21
Poor Mans Cave 2
Cairn O' Mount 7
Bay of NIgg 1
St Cyrus 1
Flat Field
Kerloch 43
Fintray 4
Balgownie 3
Hazelhead 5
Jesmond Centre 11
Total 98

A Man For All Seasons (2014)

(D Robertson) Our man Terry Shields keeps an annual tally of all his flying outings, and this is his potted collation for 2014. For those of you who think that this wasn`t a particularly good year on the flying front, have a look at Tel`s exploits  ........  118 days of “stick jiggling” fun, which is dashed close to braving the elements and customary insults every third day!  He deserves a medal! Interestingly, previous years had always seen a greater emphasis on slope flying, but the fine calm summer conditions resulted in trips to both Brimmond and the Cairn taking a sharp nose dive.  After the loss of Lyne of Skene, retaining membership (for most of ADS) at Kerloch proved to be a god send, with some memorable outings and great social gatherings on a brilliantly maintained site. Keep up the good work Tel and we`ll see what 2015 has in store for us!

2014 Stats

Brimmond 15
Poor Mans Cave 8
Cairn O' Mount 5
Bay of NIgg 5
St Cyrus 1
Flat Field
Kerloch 38
Fintray 23
Balgownie 12
Calder Park 1
Lochinch 1
Lasds Club 5
Jesmond Centre 4
Total 118

Tel's (Not So Tall) Tale (2010)

(T Shields) Being that 2010 was to be my first full year of retirement, I decided it might be a good idea to keep a log of all my flying sessions. In all I flew 139 days of the year, which included 2 indoor sessions, 4 visits to Kerloch, 72 trips to Calder Park and 60 soaring sessions.

2010 Stats

Balmedie Sand Dunes 1
Knock 1
Stonehaven 1
Barmekin 2
Meikle Carew 2
Crovie 5
Bay of NIgg 6
Cairn O'Mount 10
Brimmond 32
Total 60

Month Slope Flat Indoor
January 1 5
February 4 6
March 6 10
April 9 10
May 8 10
June 4 7
July 3 5
August 7 10
September 5 7
October 8 4
November 5 3 1
December 0 0 1