Aberdeen & District Soarers was formed in 1978 by a group of aeromodelling and model gliding enthusiasts. Main types of flying include thermal and slope soaring, however the advances in technology has seen the introduction and increasing use of electric powered models by members.

The Club meet at weekends and Tuesday nights (summer only) at a flat field as well as flying from slopes not too far away from the city. If you are interested in joining ADS or learning to fly pop along to any of our sessions.

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John Barnes Model Sale

Following the recent passing of ADS member John Barnes we have a number of models, servos and lipos for sale on behalf of his family. Most of the items are are new and unused. If you are interested in any of the models or other accessories, get in touch with either Derek (01224 821368), Graham (01224 744144) or Mike (01224 323640) for more info.

Items for Sale

Model Builds

Two very impressive model builds in the shape of Mike Pirie's H4-Hercules and Derek Robertson's Buccaneer feature in the rejuventated Models page. Read about the toils and tribulations of the builds of two very different but equally impressive models

Spruce Goose


Next Event

Winch Day - Saturday 31 August

Lyne of Skene

Saturday 24 August at Hazelhead cancelled due to wind forecast

Warbirds at Kerloch

Saturday 22 June

The outing of warbirds at Kerloch took place and some very impressive models flew.


Club Glider Comp

Saturday 15 June

Mike Pirie came out top of the Club Glider Competition at Lyne of Skene with an overall time of 5min 12sec, including a 30 minute landing bonus, in the challenging windy conditions that prevailed.


Breakfast Fly In

Saturday 25 May

Great day out if a little on the damp side. Much fun and flying was had despite the weather and there were a few new models on their first flights as well. Breakfast was also well attended. Thanks to eveyone who came along.

After Round 4 July

Pilot July Total Score
Stephen Davies
Norrie Kerr
Chris Harper
Mike Pirie
George Whelan

Summer Delights

Early summer hasn't quite lived up to the promise of spring but it is still flyable - on some days !

Summer Flying

Indoor Competition '19

The 2019 Indoor Chuck Glider with the all balsa home built Viggen took place at the Jesmond Centre on Sunday 17 March 2019. Despite all being built from the same A4 plan there were a variety of sizes on the day. A good trunout arrived to compete and our competitors are pitcured above for the customary mass launch.

Indoor Photos

The Gyronauts

Mike Pirie and Les Adams recently took a trip in a gyrocopter.